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Electrical Installations Westbury, Warminster & Trowbridge

Domestic Electrician Westbury, Warminster & Trowbridge

The electrical installations that power your home are essential to your comfort and wellbeing, so only the best will do! Electrical installations are not just the obvious things you can see, such as sockets and switches. They include all the fixed electrical equipment in your home, such as cables hidden in the walls, the fuse box and circuit breakers.

MDC understands how important it is that the electrics in your home are conveniently and safely placed to deliver power when and where you want it. That's why the company works with clients to plan and design electrical installations meticulously, and carries out the work quickly and efficiently, with high standards of workmanship.

The duty of a good electrician is to make sure there are enough sockets for all your appliances without having to resort to unsafe multi-plugging. There must also be adequate earthing arrangements to minimise the risk of electric shock, sufficient electrical circuits with relevant fuses to minimise danger.

All domestic electrical installations have to comply with building regulations and meet certain safety standards. As a registered NICIEC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) provider MDC Electrical is able to issue the required certification and ensure the work done is compliant with all the regulations.

As leading electrical contractors in Wiltshire, MDC are sought after for a wide variety of electrical work, from installing electrical wiring into home extensions, conservatories and other outbuildings, to installing energy-saving LED lighting systems in your house.

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Electrical Maintenance Westbury, Warminster & Trowbridge

We all like to think our home is a safe haven where we can relax and enjoy our home comforts. You may be surprised to learn, however, that those electrical appliances and fittings that make life easy and are often taken for granted, are huge hazards - capable of causing severe injury or even death if not properly maintained.

It's better not to wait until something goes wrong with the electrical installations in your home. Prevention is far better than cure - especially where the safety of yourself and your loved ones is concerned.

This is why MDC Electrical offers an electrical maintenance service for homeowners who take their safety seriously. All it takes is regular checks of your electrical wiring, smoke alarms, lighting, sockets, electrical fittings, appliances and electronic devices to ensure your home stays a safe environment.

MDC Electrical are a firm of NICEIC registered electrical engineers based in Westbury, Wiltshire, highly qualified to undertake electrical maintenance on residential properties on behalf of the owners.

Apart from the safety aspect, it makes perfect sense that regular maintenance enables the MDC electricians to detect any minor electrical faults and effect repairs before they have a chance to escalate into big expensive ones.

When running a regular electrical maintenance check on your home one of the things MDC Electrical pay particular attention to is the electrical wiring. Wiring is usually not visible, being hidden in conduits or wall cavities, and faults can therefore be overlooked. Over time the protective covering of electric wiring can degrade, becoming a hazard that could cause an electrical short circuit and spark a fire.

Safety switches, fuses and circuit breakers are carefully inspected and tested to ensure their efficiency in the event of an electric current overload.

As part of an electrical maintenance contract MDC also pay attention to essential home security installations like outdoor lighting and fire alarms. If any defective or broken electrical equipment is found, the electricians will replace what cannot be repaired.

MDC Electrical's domestic electrical maintenance contracts are designed to be affordable. The only question remains, as a home-owner can you afford not to have one in place!

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