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Commercial Electrician Westbury, Warminster & Trowbridge

Commercial Electricial Services

There are no short cuts to safety when it comes to commercial electrical installations, so don't ask MDC Electrical to cut corners or compromise on quality!

Any business owner will no doubt agree with MDC Electrical's view that any commercial premises which house staff and customers needs to be safe, work efficiently and comply with regulations, in respect of electrical installations as well as everything else.

Electrical installations in a commercial property are crucial - if the power lets you down, you will lose revenue, whatever field of business you are in.

When you choose an electrical contractor to install an electrical system or equipment into your commercial or industrial premises - whether it be a shop, salon, warehouse, showroom, factory or anything else - you need to have complete confidence in their ability to work to the highest professional standards, compliant with legal requirements.

MDC Electrical employs only electricians who are NICIEC registered. This means they are able to issue the certification required for legal and insurance purposes.

When you are starting out in business the company consults closely with you to make sure that all electrical work is carefully pre-planned and scheduled so as to cause as little delay as possible before you can get down to work.

As your business expands MDC can return and extend the electrical installations to incorporate such things as more lighting, additional plug sockets and any other electrical equipment that is required to keep the business prospering.

For top class commercial electrical installations in Wiltshire contact MDC Electrical telephone 01373 253113 for a no-obligation quote.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Whether it is a small corner store or a massive factory any disruption or downtime caused to a business because of electrical problems is costly.

Dodgy electrical systems in a commercial building are also a health and safety hazard - not only illegal, but likely to impede any insurance claim if there is a fire or electrical malfunction leading to losses.

Many businesses and commercial properties in Wiltshire make sure they don't suffer the consequences of neglecting their electrical installations by hiring MDC Electrical of Westbury to run an electrical maintenance contract.

MDC's experienced, qualified electricians are all NICEIC registered, which means they are able to efficiently inspect and test all the electrical equipment and electrical systems at commercial premises according to a regular schedule to make sure that they are adequately maintained.

It's a case of "better safe than sorry" when it comes to entering into a commercial electrical maintenance contract. Preventive electrical maintenance is the key to ensuring the power stays on in your shop, showroom, factory, workshop or any other commercial building you occupy.

No matter how state of the art your electrical installations might have been when you took occupation of your commercial premises, there are all sorts of factors which can lead to damage and deterioration of the electrical wiring, lighting, and other electrical fittings during day-to-day operations.

Electrical parts and wiring can wear out, circuit breakers might need upgrading, loose connections may appear, sockets suffer wear and tear - if not addressed in good time all these small problems can combine into a major electrical breakdown with potentially deadly results.

Such a situation can be avoided by regular preventive commercial electrical maintenance, undertaken by MDC Electrical according to an agreed schedule with agreed terms that suit your business.

To keep your residential and/or commercial premises safe, your electrics up to par and to avoid big electrical repair bills contact MDC Electrical on 01373 253113 to discuss your electrical maintenance requirements.